Rules of Gentlemen

The Manner in which Gentlemen should conduct themselves

lifeinthelavenderhaze asked: Hello sir<3 Soooooooo, when will these gentlemen posts be posted? Lol

Lol hi, they shall be posted soon :), hopefully before New Year’s, I’ve got a bit of tidying up to do before then though

Anonymous asked: are you religious at all? do you consider yourself ascribing to any particular faiths? I was just wondering. p.s. love your blog, by the way. it's truly unique (:

I don’t think I’m religious, I don’t belong to any organised religion. I think I would be best described as being agnostic.

Thanks for the support :)!

Anonymous asked: Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas to you too :)

Anonymous asked: You are back but I did not miss you at all.


Anonymous asked: <3!

you should reveal yourself :)

jesuisoddball asked: Hello. Thank you for following me. It's an honored to be followed by you. I don't know if it's because you follow back or not, but thank you. I find your blog very interesting. It's cute, adorable, and sometimes romantic. Keep up the good work =] and once again thank you!

Hey, you’re too kind, I’m lucky to have followers like you!

So no, thank you!

And just to let you know, I only follow the blogs I’m interested in :)

Anonymous asked: I think I would be giving too much away if I wasn't. Anon.

Well, ‘tis the season of giving…

Anonymous asked: It must have been nice to catch up with family + food coma. Break has been okay just thinking too much is all. Did you think of new rules while away (bad question) ?

Yeah it was mostly good. There are a bunch that I need to put up, I just have to make sure that they haven’t been put up before.

Also, why so anonymous?

niftysunshine asked: Glad to see you're back. Missed you and and your blog (:

Thankks :)

Anonymous asked: What's new with you?

I just got back from an awesome vacation visiting family which I haven’t seen in five to over eleven years. Did heaps of shopping and ate a lot of good food :), yeah it was awesome

Anonymous asked: If a gentleman was to ask for honesty would he really mean it? As in being more honest throughout conversation ?

It really depends on how it is asked and the tone of the person’s voice. You should be able to tell whether a person is saying it in jest and whether there is a more serious undertone.

But if I were to ask for honesty, I would mean it…

Anonymous asked: Ready for the holidays & break?

well… I’ve already bought a few Christmas presents but I’ve still got to get more (I guess I should’ve finished my shopping by now since Christmas is pretty soon). And I’m alllways ready for a break :)

How about yourself?

lifeinthelavenderhaze asked: It's about time! I started to think the blog wasn't of importance.. You've been missed!

gentlemanly conduct is always of importance! I’ve missed you too..

Anonymous asked: Hahahaha I just read your response when someone asked if you were a boy & your response was that you are a real boy- reminded me of Pinocchio. It's good to see that you've returned. Welcome back

lol thanks, that’s what I was going for :)

Anonymous asked: You're back!!! :D